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Lights, Music & Words: a Photo Exhibition by Leo Mascarinas

Leo Mascarinas is a retired information technology expert and multipotentialite. A man of varied passions and creative pursuits, Mascarinas is a modern-day Renaissance man -- as well as a former Board of Director of the Filipino Centre Toronto. Among his many talents and passions is photography, which was highlighted in 'Lights, Music & Words,' his photography exhibition held on September 10th, 2022.

This exhibition melded three forms of art: visual, literary and performing, into one beautiful showcase. Imagery depicted direct sources of light as key elements, all themed around a curated selection of musical works of various genres. The exhibit was tied together with short narratives drawn from Mascarinas' musical experiences as both a listener and performer.

Leo Mascarinas has been a member of the Toronto Camera Club since 2003. He is the first and only Filipino-Canadian to have reached the Masters Division and served as a Director on the Board.

The intimate exhibition displayed Mascarinas' works to a variety of people. Among these people include former and current FCT Board of Directors, UP graduates, and MP Shaun Chen.

To learn more about Leo Mascarinas and his photographic work, we invite you to look at his page on the Toronto Camera Club website.


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