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14th Victoria Invitational Basketball Tournament

The FCT-Victoria Invitational Basketball Tournament (VIBT) was founded in 2007 in commemoration of Dr. Vicky Santiago's passion for improving the health and well-being of the Filipino-Canadian community.

On May 21 to 22, 2022 (Victoria Day weekend), the 14th VIBT took place. 18 teams and 54 divisions participated and numerous families and friends of team players attended to watch the games. A number of special guests also joined the fun-filled weekend, among them were: Mayor John Tory, MP Rechie Valdez (Mississauga), MP Salma Zahid (Scarborough Centre), Councillor Jennifer Mckelvie (Scarborough Rouge Park), Mazhar Shafiq (Liberal Party, MPP Candidate - Scarborough Centre), Christine Santos (NDP MPP Candidate - Ajax), Justin Chino "Gandoza" (GBU Super LightWeight Champion PH)

As of 2022, VIBT is the longest running tournament (formerly Mabuhay) and one of the most organized leagues with an assigned nurse and police security. Mayor Tory has never missed a VIBT Opening Ceremony since 2014.

Winning Teams:

  1. 2003 - Bayan

  2. 2005 - Vaughan Viper

  3. 2006 - Protege

  4. 2007 - North York

  5. 2008 - CKAT

  6. 2009 - Rising Sun

  7. 2010 - UNDFTD

  8. 2012 - UNDFTD

  9. OPEN - CKAT

Acknowledgement to Volunteers:

Teresa Sevilla

Mike Cruz Hannah Pendon Cyrene Geronimo Merceditas Kril

Roger Tarca

Bob San Juan

Paul Arena

Vilma Tashin

Photos by Joe Baking, Teressa Sevilla, Mike Cruz, Hannah Pendon and Cyrene Geronimo.


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