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WARNING: FCT Fraud Fundraiser

The FCT would like to warn all patrons and those living in the nearby area of a fraud fundraiser. A woman, possibly of Filipino descent, was reported to be going from house to house, asking for $5.00 on behalf of the Filipino Centre Toronto.

The woman is described to have black hair and a height between 5'3 and 5'4. She was reported wearing an olive green jacket and holding a box of chocolates.

If you encounter this woman, we advise you do two things:

  1. Call the police with your local police non-emergency phone, providing a detailed description of the person to them. As the FCT has not experienced this fraud first hand, we are unable to report it ourselves.

  2. Contact the Centre, leaving an email or voice message. Kindly give us a detailed description of the encounter and person.

The Filipino Centre Toronto does not and will never go door-to-door for donations. We do not ask for donations in public spaces, or through email blasts.

Please be mindful of these situations in our community.


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