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Summer Fun, Something's Begun - 2022 Summer Barbeque

On Thursday, August 19th, the FCT hosted its second-ever summer barbeque. An event started in summer of 2020, the FCT Summer Barbeque celebrates the hard work of its volunteers, members and directors. It's a celebration of the accomplishments of the FCT throughout the year, and of what's to come as summer slips away.

This year's barbeque was especially memorable, celebrating the influx of new volunteers that joined the Centre this summer. There is a vibrancy and vivacity in the FCT now as it swells with people, with family -- if the success of this year's barbeque is anything to go by.

The event, headlined by performances from the kids and adult ukulele classes, followed by some line dancing and karaoke, was full of heart and good cheer. Home cooked meals by FCT President Mary Ann San Juan and her sisters (and with assistance from volunteers) were also enjoyed. All in all, this was a fun, memorable night for the FCT, a tradition we hope to continue in the summers to come.


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