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Online Mindfulness Program for Seniors

Ryerson Psychology student Lauren Hytman, together with her project supervisor Dr. Alexandra Fiocco are running a thesis research project. They are offering an online mindfulness program for older adult Canadian immigrants.

Previous research has shown that mindfulness is an effective program in increasing the well-being of older adults, and they are trying to see if the program will be effective for older adult Canadian immigrants. The goals of this project are to teach older adults techniques that they can use in their everyday lives to cope with stress and to foster an overall sense of well-being.

The program will run once a week for 9 weeks on Zoom for 2.5 hours and participants will be compensated for participation. The study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board at Ryerson University, and the study file number is 2019-007. They will be starting the study once there are enough participants to run a group (8-10 people per group).

If you're interested, please contact Lauren at


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