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Kayla Sanchez Switches Swimming Allegiance from Canada to the Philippines

Toronto-raised Filipina, and two-time Olympic medallist Kayla Sanchez announced in a press release her decision to switch allegiance from Canada to the Philippines. Originally a part of Swimming Canada and the star-studded women's relay team, Sanchez made the decision following the world championships last month in Hungary, where she won silver and bronze in relay. She cites her strong connection to her Filipino heritage as a reason for this change.

Kayla Sanchez, 21.

"Aside from how much I've grown and how good everything has been in Canada, I needed to make this really difficult decision for myself and my family to take this opportunity to represent the Philippines. I want to help inspire people that are like me to swim and get into the sport."

The information provided in this article is a summary of the CBC coverage of this story. The full article can be found here.


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