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Filipino Heritage Month: Picnic Salu-Salo

The Philippine Independence Council would like to extend a warm invitation to all to attend Salu-Salo Picnic and Parade on June 04, 2022.

PIDC Presents Filipino Heritage Month and Salu-Salo Community Picnic

Toronto, Ontario, June 4, 2022 the Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC), would like to extend a warm invitation to all and to attend the Salu-Salo Community Picnic, celebrating Filipino Heritage Month. In what has become a community tradition, over the past several years, this year marks a special occasion as it will serve as a kick-off for the nationally recognized, Filipino Heritage Month. The event will be a pot luck an will be taking place at Earl Bales Park, located next to Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue, with ceremonies commencing at 10 am.

This event is being Chaired by Ben Corpuz, PIDC Vice President External and his co-chair is Rory Elefano, Treasurer, with Agnes Miranda as the President.

The community potluck picnic will be an event for everyone to enjoy and share in the day’s festivities, the array of so many traditional cuisines and exchange of camaraderie; performances, games and volleyball tournament.

PIDC would like to graciously express its sincerest gratitude to all our sponsors for their ongoing support in our goal in celebrating the best of what the Philippines has to offer. Foremost the participation of the many Filipino Organizations and the individuals which will be highlighted in the Community Parade along the park.

For more information about the picnic, please visit our website: Facebook page: Philippine Independence Day Council - Home Facebook or call: Ben 647-463-1048, Rory 647-274-1831 or email: bencorpuz9@gmail com or


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