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FCT Outstanding Filipino Canadian Seniors Awards, 2022

Written by Tony A. San Juan

The Filipino Centre Toronto, a prominent and progressive Filipino Canadian community service hub in the Greater Toronto Area, proudly announces its search for the "Ten Outstanding Filipino-Canadian Seniors for 2022" commencing on December 15, 2022.The initiative is following the heels of the 2022 Outstanding Fil-Can Students Awards to Filipino Canadian student graduates in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions. This time, the FCT is engaging to conduct purposefully a public tribute of recognizing, honouring, and appreciating Senior Citizen Achievers in the Filipino Canadian community in Ontario.

Specifically, the awards project is being offered by the FCT to encourage, identify and celebrate seniors who have made outstanding and valuable contributions to the life and well-being of the community by helping build a better community through their personal or professional endeavours. With their varied backgrounds as community leaders, business & management executives, social-cause advocates & volunteers, public & non-governmental officials, service-oriented & faith-focused people, and art, health, sports & media practitioners, these still active individuals are serving or have served as role models and inspirations to students, youth & young adults and their fellow senior citizens.

The "10 Outstanding Filipino Canadian Seniors of the Year" (OFCSY) Awardees will be selected from any of the following areas of endeavours, profession, discipline or service, namely:

1) Business and Entrepreneurship

2) Certified Profession/Trade

3) Community, Public or Non-governmental Service

4) Health, Wellness, and Sports

5) Arts, Media, and Public Relations

Every awardee or winner will be given a prize in the form of a Plaque of Recognition, Congratulatory Certificate, and Cash Award (the amount of which is to be determined by the FCT Board of Directors).

General Requirements for Candidates. The Candidate must meet the following Application Requirements:

1) Must complete and submit an Application Form, with 2 coloured headshot photographs