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Employment Standards Workshop

Presented by the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers who are a diverse coalition of Asian Canadian legal professionals working to promote equity and opportunities for Asian Canadian legal professionals and the wider community.

AFCA: Free Income Tax Clinic

Tax season is upon us once again; you know what that means. Time to gather all your receipts and pay slips. Luckily, the Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants have volunteered to host a one-day free income tax clinic March 28 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM for the following income thresholds: Single Tax Payer- Equal or below… Read more »

Zumba with Andrea: Free Trial Class

Are you ready to sweat it out, get those muscles, and have fun! Are you unsure if Zumba is your hobby? Then look no further and come to our free Zumba class trial this Saturday! See you there po!