Now Accepting 2022 FCT-Oustanding Students Awards Applications


The overall requirements for the 2022 FCT-RCJ Outstanding Student Award Competition are as follows:

A. General Requirements for All Categories: Any applicant or candidate for an FCT Award must be a...

1) Natural-born Filipino or of Filipino descent (either parent is Filipino);

2) Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada;

3) Of the good moral and exemplary character, i.e. has no pending charge involving sexual or child abuse or criminal case.

B. Specific Requirements for Elementary and High School Graduates. To qualify:

1) The applicant should be currently registered in the secondary school or college in Ontario, under one of the following categories: The elementary school applicant should have completed Grade 8 in June 2022, and be going into high school (grade 9); The high school applicant should have completed Grade 12 in June 2022 and be accepted and going into university or community college or apprenticeship program.

2) The student should have a minimum academic average of 85% (or equivalent) during the last two (2) school years( Grades 7 & 8) or (Grades 11 & 12) and must be involved in extra-curricular and community/volunteer activities.

3) The applicant must submit the following documents: For the elementary school graduate – Original copies of final report cards for the last two years. For the high school graduate – A current and original transcript bearing the school’s official seal. Additionally, two (2) original letters of character reference (one from the school, excluding immediate family), two (2) passport-size photos, and a completed FCT application form.

C. Qualification Requirements for Post- Secondary Honour Candidates:


1) For Undergraduate or Baccalaureate  Degree candidates: Must have achieved Academic Honours, with Notation printed in the candidate’s degree diploma, such as any of the following:  "Summa Cum Laude" or "Magna Cum Laude" or "Cum Laude"  or "With Highest Distinction" (GPA 3.8 or higher) or "With Distinction" (3.5 to 3.79) or "First-Class Standing" or other university/college equivalent academic honours distinction awards.

2) For candidates with Masteral or Doctoral degrees: Must have achieved Graduate Average Grade of Letter Grades of A+, A, A- only; or Numerical Marks of 90-100%, 85-89%, 80 -84% only; or High Pass-Clear Excellence or acceptable equivalent marking scale.

3) Documents (Photocopies only) to be submitted: a) Undergraduate program: Bachelor’s Diploma with Academic Honours Notation; b) Graduate program: Transcript of Academic Record or Master's/ Doctorate diploma, and

4) Passport-size Photo;

5) Completed "FCT Application Form". Academic awards received must not be more than 5 years old, from the date of application.

Application forms for the FCT’s Outstanding Students Awards are now available for download HERE or call 416-335-0485.


Completed forms and requirements are to be submitted/mailed to: 

The Filipino Centre Toronto, RCJ OSA Committee. c/o Tony A. San Juan, Chairman 

4395 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON

M1S 1T9 

Deadline for 2022 Submissions are August 15, 2022

Personal Interviews will begin on September 6, 2022

For more information, please call 416-335-0485