Private - Caregiver

5 Danbury Court Markham ON L3R 7S1

About the Role

Start date: September 19, 2022

I'll be extremely grateful if the caregiver can help my family with the following:

Period 1: May - Sep 2022
She comes to my house one day per week to help with the cleaning and vacuuming. Time is flexible.

Period 2: Sept 2022 - May 2023
Starting in late Sept 2022, I will be leaving Canada for the UK, and I will have to stay in the UK for 8 months. I expect this helper to take on more caregiving responsibilities to help run the family on daily basis. She can come to my house eg. 4 hours per day every weekday and help with cooking, cleaning, and other housekeeping tasks.

Period 3: June - Nov 2023
Same housekeeping tasks as in Period 1.

Period 4: Nov 2023 - future
My parents will be moving to a condo unit located at Warden/Hwy7 (5min drive from my house). My parent-in-law will be moving to another condo unit but in the same building. They are all mobile but they will need maybe 2 visits/week to each family to help them with cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Meanwhile the helper will still visit my house for weekly cleaning.

This is a long-term contractual relationship but Period 1 will allow us to know each other better before we enter Period 2.

It will be well paid.

To apply for this position, please contact Danny Chen at or 416-839-2352.

Thank you!