Early History of the Filipino Centre Toronto in a Nutshell (Chapter 4)

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By Rosalinda Cerrudo-Javier (In Collaboration with Rodel Ramos)

The Purchase

In the early fall of 2002, the FCT Board heaved a sigh of relief as the owner settled with one hundred fifty thousand dollar ($150,000.00) deposit, with the understanding that the rest will be paid sometime in December of 2002

The deadline for the rest of the down payment was not too far off, so FCT worked feverishly to secure the remaining amount for the deposit.   A meeting with a financier, David Liu (husband of Dr. Victoria Santiago) with Linda Javier, Dr. Santiago and Dr. de Villa was immediately arranged at the residence of Dr. Guillermo de Villa Jr., on October 23, 2002.

Unfortunately, death took its ugly toll as Mr. Liu died of a massive heart attack while having dinner, an hour before that meeting was to happen.

Once again, the FCT board scrambled to find the necessary amount to complete the deposit as FCT was informed it could lose the rest of the deposit if the remainder was not paid sometime in the week of Monday, December 9, 2002.

The deadline was just a few days away and the Board was at the end of its rope thinking where to get the rest of the deposit. It really seemed that at this point in time, FCT had no choice but to ask their Board members to cough up the amount as there were so many heart wrenching issues if the deposit was not paid on time.

The FCT Board was asked to help and some of the Board members stepped up on the plate and delivered! A total of $149,820.00 was raised from the board members and a friend, with the promise they will be paid back within a year’s time.

So, this cockroach and mice infested building was purchased by the Filipino Centre Toronto in the first half of December, 2002 and the key was turned over to the FCT Board on Tuesday, December 17, 2002!

The rest is history !!!