Educational Programs

Tutoring Club

Learning is meant to be fun, at the Filipino Centre Toronto we believe that no child should be left behind. If your child needs a helping hand or some academic guidance; our elementary tutoring club is meant for you. In collaboration with the University of Toronto and Frontier College, this club aims to give all children a chance at academic success.

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Conversational Tagalog Classes

Ako, ikaw, tayo, doon, dito. Are you looking to understand what these words mean? Don't worry, this crash course on conversational Tagalog has you covered. We heard the pleas of the community to offer Tagalog, which is why this class is open to all who are interested in learning. 

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The late Rosalinda C. Javier believed that education was the pinnacle of the human spirit, which is why she dedicated her life's work teaching Filipino youth. In her memory, this award ceremony is meant to celebrate the academic achievements of all Filipino-Canadian students scattered across Ontario.

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