Outstanding Student Awards -Submission Deadline

Filipino Centre-Toronto Now Accepting Candidates to its 2018 Outstanding Students Awards

By Tony A. San Juan, OCT.

Purposefully committed  of encouraging and challenging Filipino Canadian students in Ontario to achieve student success and to excel in school performance, the Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) is now accepting candidates to its annual competition for “2018 Outstanding Students Awards.”

This year’s FCT Outstanding Students Awards event, started in 2005, is an annual program of selecting and recognizing outstanding and exemplary elementary, high school, and post-secondary graduates from Public,Catholic and other government -supported educational institutions in Ontario.

Through its Outstanding Students Awards Committee (OSA), the Centre will present awards to chosen outstanding student graduates who have completed their elementary or high school or post-secondary studies(baccalaureate, masteral or doctoral). The selection criteria for top elementary and high school graduates includes: scholastic achievement/academic marks – 50%, community involvement and extra-curricular activities – 25% and interview performance – 25%. 

All applicants, who have been screened and approved by the Outstanding Student Awards Committee, will be recognized and honoured appropriately in a ceremony.. Monetary awards,  trophies, plaques and certificates will be presented to the winners and/or nominees of each category. The Awards Rites will take place on October 28, 2018, Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

The overall requirements for the 2018 FCT Outstanding Student Award Competition are as follow:

A. General Requirements for All Categories: Any applicant or candidate for an FCT Award must be a 1) Natural-born Filipino or of Filipino descent (either parent is Filipino); 2) Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada; 3) Of good moral and exemplary character, i.e. has no pending charge involving sexual or child abuse or criminal case.

B. Specific Requirements for Elementary and High School Graduates. To qualify: 1) The applicant should be currently registered in the elementary or secondary school in the Greater Toronto Area, under one of the following categories: The elementary school applicant should have completed the last year of elementary school and be going into high school (grade 9); The high school applicant should be accepted and going into university or community college or  apprenticeship program. 2) The student should have a minimum academic average of 85% (or equivalent) during the last two (2) school years, and must be involved in extra-curricular and community activities. 3) The applicant must submit the following documents: For the elementary school graduate – Original copies of final report cards for the last two years. For the high school graduate – A current and original transcript bearing the school’s official seal. Also, two (2) original letters of character reference (one from the school, excluding immediate family); two (2) passport-size photos and  completed FCT application form.

C. Qualification Requirements for Post – Secondary Honour Candidates: 1) For Undergraduate or Baccalaureate Degree candidates: Must have achieved Academic Honours, with Notation printed in the candidate’s degree diploma, such as any of the following:  “Summa Cum Laude” or “Magna Cum Laude” or “Cum Laude”  or  “With Highest Distinction” (GPA 3.8 or higher) or “With Distinction” (3.5 to 3.79); or   university / college  equivalent academic honours distinctive awards. 2) For Graduate Masteral or Doctoral Degree candidates: Must have achieved Graduate Average Grade of:  Letter Grades of A+, A, A- only; or Numerical Marks of: 90-100%, 85-89%, 80 -84% only;or High Pass-Clear Excellence or acceptable equivalent marking scale.3) Documents (Photocopies only) to be submitted: a) Undergraduate  program: Bachelor’s Diploma with Academic Honours Notation; b) Graduate program: Transcript of Academic Record and Thesis or Dissertation Paper ,and 4) Passport-size Photo; 5) Completed FCT Application Form. Academic awards received must not be more than 5 years old, from date of application.

The members of the FCT Outstanding Students Awards Committee (OSA)  include notable Filipino Canadian professionals and educators. OSA is composed of Tony A. San Juan, as Chairman, and the members are Wendy Arena, Karlo Cabrera, Efren De Villa, Jodelyn Huang, Rosalinda Javier, Theresa Lumanlan, Marisa Roque, Mary Ann San Juan, and Fermer Santos.

Application forms for the FCT’s Outstanding Students Awards are now available . Deadline for submission of forms and documents is: August 31, 2018, Friday. Personal interviews will begin on September 23, 2018, Sunday.Completed forms and requirements are to be submitted or mailed to: The Filipino Centre Toronto -FCT, Outstanding Students Awards Committee , c/o Tony A. San Juan, Chairman ,11 Pond Fernway, Toronto, ON M2J 4M9  or call: 416-491-2346.( TSJ)